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          HOME > About Us > Development History
          Development History

          Shanghai Leadgo-tech Co., Ltd established.

          Invested and build composite plant in Shanghai, provide composite mould produce and subcontract service.

          Beijing Branch established, focused on North China wind energy power market

          Subsidiary company Ningbo Hangke Composite co.,Ltd established, own made vacuum auxiliary material started massive production, including Peelply, infusion mesh, breather/bleeder, various tubes.etc

          Shanghai Plant established, begin to produce Vacuum auxiliary material with Ningbo factory.
          Invested and build second Leadgo auxiliary material plant in Ningbo.

          Guangzhou office established, in charge with wind power, aerospace, marine market’s develop and service in South China
          Xi’an office established, in charge with North-west China aerospace, wind power market .

          Ningbo Leadgo Composite co.ltd established, mainly focus on vacuum auxiliary material production and composite mould processing.